Hi! Thank you for visiting 1SoundFX.com.

1SoundFX.com is down for upgrade / maintenance. We will be back up again as soon as possible.

Our database was getting too big for our web server, with the ageing code, to handle comfortably. The number of sounds, number of customers, numbers of searches etc. was combining with some old-school PHP/SQL programming in the back end database handling, which was not optimized. This brought too much strain/pressure on our server, and the site was getting slow and, at times, unresponsive.

We are re-writing the back-end database functions with new code, much more optimized and using more modern technologies to ensure smooth, fast and streamlined operation even with very large amounts of data, large audio files, large catalogue and a high volume of searches. We're working on this and we hope to have the new and improved 1SoundFX.com up and running in a few weeks.

Until then, we apologize for the outage and hope that you'll come back and use our site when we come back up. Thank you.

- 1SoundFX.com Admin