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Animal monkey colobus monkey hoot low pitched
Sound ID: 42377
Contributor Blastwave_FX
Description Animal monkey colobus monkey hoot low pitched
Categories Monkey sounds
Length/Size 1 Sec (00:01 Min), 197.68 KB
Price 2.39 Credits
Bit Depth 24-bit
Sample Rate 48000 Hz
Channel Stereo
Lo-fi preview
No preview available
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Wedge Capped Capuchin. Sounds of capuchins moving in trees, producing a few peeping contact calls and some hooting calls. Inter-group encounter calls from 0m30s. Distant calls from howler monkeys. Recorded at dawn. N.B. Exact date fo this recording is unk
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Pygmy Chimpanzee. Mcu individual peeps. Cicadas and birds in background. Wamba Forest, Equateur Region, Zaire
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